5 Doggie Care Tips

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your dog comfortable and happy, and save money at the vet to boot. In this tough economy, who can't use saving a few bucks, especially if it means a happier pooch. Below are some quick tips that will save you time and money:

Disclaimer – Always check with your vet before giving your dog medication. This dog care tip page is not meant to replace your vet, or your vet's advice.

1. Keep the Ears Clean:
Wash your dog's ears every week, or even more often. Keeping his/her ears clean will prevent ear infections, ear mites, and a host of other potential problems. An average vet bill for treating ear mites runs between $60 - $120. You can often pick up a tube of ear mite treatment for $10-$20, such as one at this link: http://KbbPetSupply.com/. Just follow the directions on the package. As a precaution, you can regularly swab out your dog’s ears with this.. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure! 

2. Deworm Your Dog On a Regular Basis
If your dog spends time outside, which we hope he or she does, you need to keep on top of deworming them. This is as easy as giving them a pill to eat, or sprinkling some liquid on their food. This can be picked up at your local pet store or any store that carries pet supplies.  The liquid kind is simple to use, as you can easily add it to their food. A bottle can cost around $6 to $10, and last several months for a medium sized dog.

3. Don't Forget Supplements
Just like you and me, dogs need vitamins and minerals. The best way to get them what they need is a good dog food, however it is a good idea to supplement any dog food with the vitamins below:

4. Keep Their Teeth Clean!
There are many products available to keep your dog's canines in tip top shape. Don't forget, your dog can get cavities too!

5. Give Your Doggy Baths On a Regular Basis
Giving your dog baths provides a number of benefits, the most obvious one being he or she will not stink up your house. However, there are some other good reasons too. Baths can help keep fleas and ticks at bay, and help keep their skin in good shape. I personally like to alternate between several types of shampoos, a flea and tick shampoo one bath time, and then a medicated shampoo another time, and finally, a good smelling all purpose shampoo. Now, you might think I am a shampoo salesman, but I promise I do not get any commission if you buy shampoo. I feel by alternating between the three types of shampoo  I get the best of both worlds. Be careful though, do not use all three at one time, or they may react with each other. Only use one shampoo type per bathtime.

For some of the products mentioned above, check out this website: http://KbbPetSupply.com/

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