About Buckeye Puppies

A Convenient, Regional Service For Buying and Selling Puppies

At Buckeye Puppies, we connect people with puppies by advertising puppies for local breeders and pet shops in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. We provide puppy buyers with a convenient, direct way to contact puppy sellers in their area. We also provide a place to advertise stud dogs.

The Buckeye Puppies Difference

We strive to make the puppy buying process as safe as possible for buyers and sellers alike. We regularly scan listings on our site for fraudulent content, as well as continuously monitor feedback from users. If we receive a report or complaint about a seller, we investigate, take down their advertisements, and ban the seller if necessary. Buckeye Puppies cares about the credibility of the listings with our organization, and we make sure to remove any suspicious ads.

Please note that we only serve as a space to advertise puppies for sale - we do not breed, house, or sell puppies ourselves. As such, we do not take liability for the puppies listed on our website. However, if you are concerned about the wellbeing of a particular puppy, please CONTACT US right away so we can further investigate the situation.