Puppy Shipping

Puppy Transportation Options

While you can always pick up your puppy in person, sometimes busy schedules and lengthy distances can make it difficult to do so. If this is the situation for you, take a look at the following options. As a reminder, Buckeye Puppies itself does not transport puppies, you must arrange it with the breeder.

Please note: As a result of new USDA regulations, some breeders are no longer able to ship puppies. To read the new rule, please visit the USDA’s official website. Without a USDA license, anyone with four or less breeding females can still transport. If the breeder cannot ship the puppy you’re interested in, arrange for someone else to pick it up on your behalf. Alternatively, you can take a day off and travel to pick up the puppy yourself. Most airlines allow small pets, such as puppies, to be transported as a “carry-on,” but always double-check this with your airline.

Transportation Tips

If you’re considering having your new puppy shipped to you, here’s some more information to keep in mind:

  • The breeder or shipper may be willing to meet you halfway, which can be much cheaper than air shipment.
  • Shipping costs are usually covered by the buyer.
  • If you’re unsure whether or not your breeder ships, give them a call. You can find their phone number in the puppy’s advertisement.
  • Buckeye Puppies does not provide or organize shipping, so any arrangements you make should be with the breeder or a third-party shipping provider.