About buying puppies online

BuckeyePuppies.com strongly discourages you from buying a puppy directly online. (paying for the puppy, and having it shipped without seeing it yourself). We want to only work with reputable breeders. However, we feel it is to everyone's advantage if you personally meet the breeder, and your new puppies parents. This will help you feel good about the home where your puppy has come from. (and you can also check the state inspection records for kennels, see the link below)

At BuckeyePuppies.com, because you make arrangements directly with the breeder, you buy your new pooch safely and securely. And, as a bonus, you get better-than-retail prices! (Remember - you are not buying the puppy from BuckeyePuppies.com, you are buying directly from the breeder who is advertising with us)

You can prove to yourself and see with your own eyes the condition your new puppy was raised. We encourage you to contact our breeders and go visit them, instead of believing the stereotypes thrown around by the news media, and biased organizations.

Remember, shopping for a new puppy is an enjoyable experience. Take your time looking, do your homework, and take care of your new friend.