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The Courageous, Easygoing, and Clownish Bull Terrier

Originating in England, the Bull Terrier is a loyal, fun-loving dog that makes a wonderful family companion. They are known for their unique physique and independent personalities.

Bull Terrier At a Glance

Photo of Bull Terrier Photo of Bull Terrier Photo of Bull Terrier Photo of Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier At a Glance

  • Size: 21"-22", 50-70 lbs.
  • Lifespan: 12-13 years
  • Energy Level: high
  • Coat: Short, flat, and glossy
  • Shedding: moderate
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Dog Group: Terrier
  • Common Nicknames: The White Cavalier, English Bull Terrier, Gladiator, Bully

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  • Temperament

    The Bull Terrier's personality can be described as courageous, easygoing, and clownish. Bull Terriers are known to be very independent in nature, and they can be stubborn at times. They are generally friendly dogs and get along well with children, as long as they are properly socialized.

  • Health

    Bull Terriers are generally healthy but could be susceptible to hereditary nephritis, deafness, heart disease, skin problems, spinning or lens luxation.

  • Activity Level

    Bull Terriers are active dogs who require lots of daily exercise, such as a brisk walk or vigorous play session. While not aggressive, these energetic dogs have a tendency to play rough, so they should be watched carefully around young children.

  • Grooming

    The Bull Terrier's coat requires minimal maintenance, brushing once a week to remove dirt and loose hair. You might need to brush more often during shedding season. They don't need baths and could be washed with dry shampoo as needed.

  • Shedding

    The Bull Terrier's short, glossy fur sheds a moderate amount, and heavily twice a year during shedding season.

  • Appearance

    The Bull Terrier is easily recognized by its flat, egg-shaped head and triangular eyes. These dogs have a firm, muscular body, and their coats are either white, red, fawn, black, brindle, or a combination of these.

  • History

    The Bull Terrier was developed for the blood sport of bull baiting by crossing bulldogs with terriers. When blood sports were outlawed, the Bull Terrier's temperament was bred down to be a loveable companion to young gentlemen in the mid-19th century.