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A popular, sunny, and sweet family dog

Since it first appeared in Scotland during the 1800s, the Golden Retriever has easily become one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Hunters and families alike value this breed for its trainability, friendly disposition, and great retrieving abilities.

Golden Retriever At a Glance

Photo of Golden Retriever Photo of Golden Retriever Photo of Golden Retriever Photo of Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever At a Glance

  • Size: 20"-25", 55-75 lbs.
  • Lifespan: 12-13 years
  • Energy Level: high
  • Coat: Long, thick, and silky
  • Shedding: heavy
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Dog Group: Sporting
  • Common Nicknames: Golden

Golden Retriever Breed Guide

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  • Temperament

    The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds with its sunny personality and quintessential appearance. A Golden will make friends with anyone and will quickly become a child's playmate as well as an adult's close companion. This breed is prized by hunters and families alike for its trainability, social nature, and powerful retrieving skills. Golden Retrievers are very intelligent, good-natured, and confident. Naturally, this breed thrives on human interaction and aims to please almost anyone, whether owner or stranger. Goldens are an energetic breed that needs a lot of exercise, both mental and physical. Without enough, they may become hyperactive or boisterous. As long as they're well-trained and given enough exercise, Golden Retrievers make calm, obedient, and delightful companions for all.

  • Health

    Golden Retrievers are generally healthy dogs. Some health conditions Golden Retrievers can be susceptible to include hip and elbow dysplasia, subvalvular aortic stenosis, juvenile cataracts, pigmentary uveitis, and progressive retinal atrophy.

  • Activity Level

    Golden Retrievers are high-energy dogs that require a lot of mental and physical stimulation every day, and they may become hyperactive or noisy if they don't get enough. Goldens should receive at least an hour of daily exercise in the form of running, walking, biking, or even swimming.

  • Grooming

    Golden Retrievers should be brushed 1 or 2 times a week to keep loose fur and dander under control. However, when these dogs shed the heaviest in the spring and fall, they will need to be brushed every day. Golden Retrievers only need occasional baths and should be bathed around once every 2 months. This breed will also need its ears inspected for signs of infection on a weekly basis.

  • Shedding

    Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders with a double coat that sheds year-round, making them a poor fitĀ  for households with allergies.

  • Appearance

    A Golden Retriever's body can range from stocky and wide to lean and sporty. Their dense double coat is water-repellant and can vary in texture from wavy to straight. A Golden's coat color ranges from light golden to cream, dark golden to golden.

  • History

    The Golden Retriever originated in Scotland during the 1800s. It was primarily developed by one man: Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, who was later known as Lord Tweedmouth. Tweedmouth, like many others during the time, was interested in breeding different types of dogs, with the goal of perfecting different breeds. With the Golden Retriever, Tweedmouth was aiming to develop a superior dog for hunting waterfowl with an even temper. To achieve this, he bred flat- and wavy-coated retrievers with Tweed Water Spaniels. The resulting breed quickly drew attention for its excellent hunting skills and became officially known as the Golden Retriever in 1920. Five years later, the Golden Retriever was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Since then, the breed has established itself as a wonderful companion and working dog alike, making it one of the most popular breeds of all time.