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An active, sweet, and devoted breed

These highly intelligent dogs are a crossbreed between Poodles and Newfoundlands. Not only do they have the luxurious looks and star quality that their predecessors have, but these dogs nail it in every dog show they enter.

Newfypoo At a Glance

Photo of Newfypoo Photo of Newfypoo Photo of Newfypoo Photo of Newfypoo

Newfypoo At a Glance

  • Size: 22"-30", 70-150 lbs
  • Lifespan: 8-12 years
  • Energy Level: high
  • Coat: Thick, curly, long, and slightly oily
  • Shedding: heavy
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Dog Group: Non-Sporting
  • Common Nicknames: Newfydoodle

Newfypoo Breed Guide

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  • Temperament

    As with all crossbreeds, it's difficult to determine the exact temperament of a Newfypoo. Some may favor the Poodle, while others have more of a Newfoundland personality. Usually, Newfypoos are a good mix of both parent breeds. In general, the Newfypoo is a loyal, friendly, and loving dog that can get along with just about anyone, as long as they are properly trained and socialized. Like the Newfoundland, Newfypoos can be very protective over their families if the situation calls for it. Active and intelligent, these dogs need a good deal of physical and mental stimulation to keep them from becoming hyper or bored. As long as they're given enough exercise, Newfypoos are generally easygoing and well-behaved. All things considered, the Newfypoo is a great choice for anyone in search of a devoted and affectionate family pet.

  • Health

    Like most dogs, Newfypoos can suffer from cherry eye retinal disease and can experience heart disease and failure. Regular visits to the vet can help prevent and treat health issues.

  • Activity Level

    Newfypoos are extremely active dogs- probably acquiring this trait for their ancestors. They love to have room to run about in and love large spaces to play and run through.

  • Grooming

    Newfypoos are made to be shown off and many are entered in shows. Be sure to keep their luxurious and thick fur well groomed and brushed every day to prevent knots and to keep their fur nice and shiny.

  • Shedding

    Newfypoos are heavy shedders and are known to get their fur all over the place. It can clump pretty badly, so make sure to take them outside often and to keep a brush prepared for these incidents.

  • Appearance

    These dogs have very long and puffy fur that is very thick and dense. They are normally on the more slender side and their looks can vary greatly depending on the length of their fur.

  • History

    A hybrid of the Newfoundland and the Poodle, the Newfypoo is a popular designer dog breed that originated in the United States. It's unclear when the first Newfypoo appeared, but it was most likely created during the "designer dog craze" that took place during the 1980s and 90s. During this time, breeders began to intentionally cross two purebred dogs in order to combine the best traits of both breeds into one dog. Like the Newfoundland, many purebred dogs were mixed with Poodles because of their low-shedding coat. While the exact date of the Newfypoo's origin is unknown, the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) began recognizing the breed in 2009.