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The Breeders of BuckEyePuppies.com

BuckEyePuppies.com advertises puppies for local breeders and pet shops in Ohio. We are not a broker, we only connect you with the breeders and other sellers. Their are many advantages to buying directly from a breeder, the puppies are often better socialized, and in most cases you can see the exact place where your puppy was born. You can also talk directly to the breeder, and discuss the characteristics of the parents, the personality of the puppies, etc. You will also find that the majority of our advertisers only have one or two dogs that are family pets, although buying from a pet shop can have advantages to, such as a standardized vaccination plan, etc.

We urge you to personally visit the seller before you buy a puppy, just so you can rest assured they are decent, hardworking folks that love dogs as much as you do.

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