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Puppy Shipping

Note: Due to new USDA regulations, not all breeders are able to ship puppies. You can read the new rule on the USDA website. Anyone with 4 or less breeding females can still ship without being USDA licensed, according to our understanding of the new USDA rule. If the breeder cannot ship the puppy you are interested in, you can have a friend pick it up in your stead. Or, you can take a day off and fly in and pickup the pup. Most airlines allow small pets such as puppies as a carry on. Be sure to verify this with your airline.


Shipping is available anywhere in the USA! (BuckeyePuppies.com does not provide shipping, you must arrange it with the breeder)

You are welcome to pickup your puppy in person, of course, but sometimes busy schedules or long distances make that impractical.  If this is the case for you, check out some of the shipping options below: (Note that some breeders/sellers may prefer making shipping arrangements themselves, you or the breeder are not under any obligation to use the shipping services below)


Ohio Ground and Airline Shipping: Call "My New Puppy" Delivery Service at 330-473-3761 for rates and details.


Some more shipping information:

  • You might be able to work out arrangements to meet the breeder or shipper halfway. (sometimes a lot cheaper than air shipping)

  • Buyer typically covers shipping fees

  • Not all breeders will ship- call the breeder to make sure they do. (their number is in the puppy for sale listing)

  • Keep in mind any shipping arrangements you make are with the breeder, or a third party shipping service, LancasterPuppies.com does not provide or arrange shipping.


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