Getting Started

1. Read some important insider news on buying puppies on-line.
2. From the home page select the breeds that interest you.
3. Check town or zip code on the listing, using a service like, to see how far your drive will be.
4. Find the puppy you like best and make arrangements to visit both the breeder and the puppy.
5. You make the payments directly to the breeder safely and securely.
Most of breeders accept cash only. Sorry, but these nice trusting folks have been ripped off by less scrupulous buyers in the past. Your best bet is to find out how you can pay, directly from the breeder.
6. If the puppy is not ready to be separated from the birth mother (our breeders have strict policies about this) arrange to come back to pick up your new pup. Some breeders provide delivery, although this is usually an additional fee.
7. Make sure you have supplies for your puppy. Food, treats and even shampoo to keep the puppy clean and smelling good. Here is a site we recommend for non-filler natural products.