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The Obedient and Self-Assured Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Bred to herd cattle and livestock, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog, or Entle, is the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain Dogs. These dogs are known for their strong work ethic and loyalty to their owners. Entlebucher Mountain Dogs love to be physically active and can easily run around for hours.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog At a Glance

Photo of Entlebucher Mountain Dog Photo of Entlebucher Mountain Dog Photo of Entlebucher Mountain Dog Photo of Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Entlebucher Mountain Dog At a Glance

  • Size: 16"-21", 40-65 lbs.
  • Lifespan: 11-13 years
  • Energy Level: high
  • Coat: Short, dense, and shiny double coat
  • Shedding: moderate
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Dog Group: Herding
  • Common Nicknames:

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed Guide

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  • Temperament

    The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is obedient, territorial, and self-assured. While devoted to their family, these pups are wary of strangers, making them outstanding watchdogs. The Entlebucher will thrive in a household where they are fully involved in all activities and receive lots of attention and exercise.

  • Health

    Entlebucher Mountain Dogs are generally healthy but could be prone to a few medical conditions, like Entlebucher urinary syndrome, hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, or eye disorders.

  • Activity Level

    Entlebucher Mountain Dogs have a high energy level and need a great deal of exercise daily, in addition to mental stimulation. These dogs need at least an hour of vigorous exercise each day, so it's important that owners can keep up with their activity requirements. Entles are also known to excel in agility and tracking.

  • Grooming

    Entles don't require much grooming overall. A quick wipe with a towl will usually be enough to clean off any dirt from their coat. Daily brushing or combing will reduce the shedding of your Entlebucher Mountain Dog.

  • Shedding

    The Entle's short, dense double coat does shed a moderate amount.

  • Appearance

    The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is medium-sized with a compact, athletic body. Their thick, dense coats are tricolor and contain sections of black, white, mahogany or rust-color.

  • History

    The Entlebucher Mountain Dog was developed in the Swiss Alps for dairy farmers around the Entlebuch river. These pups mainly drove cattle up mountainside during the summer and back down the valley for winter time, but also made good guard dogs or all-around farm dogs.