Finnish Spitz Puppies

Photo of Finnish Spitz

The Happy, Intelligent, and Playful Finnish Spitz

The Finnish Spitz is best known for its fox-like features, including their pointed face and alert ears. They have a very unique bark that is similar to a yodel, and are smart, sensitive, companions.

Finnish Spitz At a Glance

Photo of Finnish Spitz Photo of Finnish Spitz Photo of Finnish Spitz Photo of Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz At a Glance

  • Size: 15"-20", 20-33 lbs.
  • Lifespan: 13-15 years
  • Energy Level: high
  • Coat: Short, dense, and soft
  • Shedding: moderate
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Dog Group: Non-Sporting
  • Common Nicknames: Finkie

Finnish Spitz Breed Guide

Learn More About Finnish Spitzs

  • Temperament

    Finnish Spitz's are happy, intelligent, and playful. They are very affectionate with their family and great with children, but can be wary of strangers. They are very vocal with a loud and interesting bark, which may be annoying for people looking for a more quiet breed. They have an independent streak, and should be trained early to avoid this from becoming a problem.

  • Health

    Finnish Spitzs are generally healthy, but could be prone to certain health conditions, like canine hip dysplasia, patellar luxation or epilepsy.

  • Activity Level

    They are an energetic breed that requires a high amount of exercise. They make great jogging partners and love playing, but this should always be done in a fenced in yard. They should always be on a leash unless in a fenced-in area.

  • Grooming

    Your Finnish Spitz should be brushed weekly and more often during the shedding season. Only bathe them when needed. You shouldn't trim their fur except under their toe pads.

  • Shedding

    The Finnish Spitz sheds a moderate amount year-round and heavily twice a year during shedding season.

  • Appearance

    Finnish Spitz are a fox-like dog with a pointed nose, pointed ears, and fluffy tail. Their vibrant, golden red coat is straight and thick. Their fluffy, curled tail rests on their back or hangs over their hind legs.

  • History

    Finland's most popular breed has ancient origins dating back 3,000 years to when migrants first populated what is now Finland and brought spitz dogs with them. They were used by hunters as an all-purpose hunting dog, but adapted mostly to bird hunting. Finnish Spitz has a unique bird hunting style, where they approach birds in trees and mesmerize them with tail wagging and a "yodeling" bark. Then, the hunter can easily pick off the birds within the tree. The Finnish Spitz faced extinction in the late 19th century but made a resurgence and began spreading to other countries in the 1920s.